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This page lists the demonstrations that form part of the Zombie Science 1Z course

Overhead slides are an important component of the show and will be added to this page in due course. Slides are indicated as Slide #:


Warm the audience and introduces presenters.

Slide 1: Introduction slide

Slide 2: Slide of Austin

Slide 3: Slide of Douglas

Course outline

Give course outline.

  • Section 1 - Zombie Outbreak
  • Section 2 - Zombie Virus
  • Section 3 - Zombie Prevention

Slide 4: List of modules

Section 1 - How could a Zombie outbreak occur?


  • Quiz audience on their experience of Zombies
  • Ask audience what causes people to become Zombies
    • Brain parasites
    • Mutations causes by biological / chemical weapons and radiation
    • neurotoxins
    • virus
    • neurogenesis
    • nanobots
    • magic/mystical
    • extra terresterial interference

Slide 6: Potential causes

CJD - Compare Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and Zombie

Slide 7: CJD

Slide 8: CJD symptoms


To obtain the full range of behavioural changes we need a virus.

  • A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates itself only within living organisms, like humans.
  • Virus enters a host, the disease spreads and the host starts to demonstrate associated symptoms
  • The right type of virus can turn us into a Zombie
  • Virus might be have been created by scientists that make us into zombies

Slide 9: Viruses

Slide 10: Example of viruses

  • Influenza
  • Chicken pox
  • Common cold

Slide 11: Zombie and virus

Link: put this theory into context we need to say something about DNA.

DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid

  • build blocks of life
  • contains genetic information
    • colour of eyes
    • how tall or short you will potentially be
  • Some rigorous diseases can cause DNA to change
  • These changes could change us into a Zombie
  • These changes could change us into an Alien

Slide 12: DNA

Slide 13: DNA normal, zombie and alien

Link: ...aliens, what are you talking about?

Universe - distance between habitable planets

Facts about the Universe

  • Over 14 billion years old
  • observable diameter more than 93 billion light years
  • More than 100 billion galaxies
  • Our own galaxy is called the Milky Way
  • Milky Way contains mullions upon millions of stars
  • Potentially thousands of habitable planets
  • Habitable planets are very far apart
  • Too far apart to get to in a conventional manner
  • Nearest Star Alpha Centauri
  • Space shuttle would take 165,000 years to get there

Slide 14: The universe

Slide 15: Alpha Centauri

Slide 16: Shuttle

Link: what about suspended animation?

Suspended animation

  • Hibernation is the careful lowering of body temperature until body functions reduce.
  • Suspended animation reduces the body functionality almost ceases, would normally cause death.
  • Certain fish and frogs and frogs can revive after being frozen in ice

Slide 17: frozen fish and frogs

Slide 18: human suspended animation.

Link: I have just the thing to demonstrate this

Demo 1 - Frozen hand

Stunt hand demonstrates suspended animation.

  • liquid nitrogen boils at 77 K (−196 °C; −321 °F)
  • cryogenics is the study of the production of very low temperature (below −150 °C, −238 °F or 123 K)
  • Boils rapidly at room temperature
  • Adult male body is about 57% water
  • Cells are damaged by extreme cold
  • The most optimistic process is still likely to alter long lived brain cells

Link: Ultimately the time, risks and energy involved in travelling between stars and planets is highly impractical in any species terms.

Hypothetical situation - usurping another intelligent life form

  • Millions of years ago there was an alien race.
  • Living on green blue planet.
  • Orbiting a star like our Sun.
  • Sun works by fusing hydrogen into helium.
  • When no more hydrogen available in the core for fusion the Sun will turn into a Red Giant star.
  • As a red Giant it is larger much larger.
  • It will swallow the Earth.
  • When this was about to happen to this alien race the needed to escape.
  • Too far, too risky, to blast off.
  • Instead they they used DAN packaged in viruses for the purposes of spreading through the universe.

DNA has several important properties

  • contain an pass information
  • tolerate dehydration
  • tolerate cold of space
  • virus capable of infecting a host

Assumptions aliens will have made about other intelligent life they were hoping to usurp:

  • Life carbon based
    • Backbone of biology on Earth
    • Can be combined with many other elements to made many shapes
  • Protein follows
  • Water is likely
    • Anywhere on earth where there in water there is life
    • subsurface liquid water has been found on Europa, moon of Jupiter, more than Earth.
    • Enceladus, moon of Saturn, might also have liquid water.
  • Attack brain because of nature of viruses

Link: organic compounds have been detected in the tails of comets

Demo 2 - Comet making

A comet is made using dry ice, water and other ingredients. Comets have very elongated or stretched orbits which take them from the very edges of the Solar System right around the Sun, they get faster as they approach the Sun, and back to the edges of the Solar System. Comets often fall into the Sun. This might take a few years (Comet Halley every 76 years) and some take 1000's.

Limited human brain capacity leading to Zombie

  • Viruses are very small.
  • Too small to fit long DNA - like human DNA.
  • Solution
    • send only part of DNA
    • not necessary to send it allow anyway
    • better to utilize much of the host DNA suitable for new environment
    • only essence of Alien needs sent not physical characteristics
  • If the human brain does not have the capacity to take on the Alien characteristics
    • while human characteristics are switched off
    • they are not replaced
    • and zombie sets in.

Module 1 - Recap

Module 2 - What would Zombies be like (Life cycle)

Ways virus can spread.

Demo 3 - Sneezing Device

Bites and Biting

Demo 4 - Arm bite simulator


Demo 5 - Zombie Head

Demo 6 - Zombie Race Challenge

Module 2 - Recap

Module 3 - How can we defeat a Zombie Outbreak?

Preventing spread of virus

Demo 7 - Destroying the brain with a blunt object

Demo 8 - Destroying the brain with a gun

This is a modification of the Buchner flask experiment. Designed to demonstrate the splatter of organic matter with a gun shot wound to the head.

Demo 9 - Heat to destroy virus



Why water -

Why carbon -



Dark matter

Not in the business of seeding life but humanity

We do not know that there will be a suitable host

The virus must be passed widely and


The red queen and sex

  • Two eyes or similar spontaneous evolution on Earth several times
  • Evolution
    • no point in seeding life
    • Universal insurance policy
    • Cell seeding
  • Randomly sending out viruses in any direction
    • Density problem
      • focus attack
  • RNA
    • too delicate