Zombie Science: 1Z syllabus


Zombie Science 1Z

1st year mandatory course. Not available as a public lecture.

Zombie Science 1Z is a spoof lecture on the real science behind the undead.

Featuring a multi-media presentation, live demonstrations and an on-line exam certified by the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies (ZITS).


Zombie Science 1Z

Zombie Science 1Z is a spoof lecture on the undead with a multi-media presentation given by a Theoretical Zombiologist, featuring interactive demonstrations.

It comes in a 50 - 60 minute format suitable for ages 13+ and a format suitable for ages 18+.

Zombie Science 1Z is perfect for education & entertainment events.

The lecture is divided into three modules:

MODULE ONE: the Zombieism condition

This module examines the symptoms associated with fictional Zombieism. By identifying those that are unlikely we can begin to build a more realistic picture of what a zombie would really be like.

MODULE TWO: the cause of Zombieism

Both factual & fictional causes are blamed for creating zombies. In Module Two we study some of these and cover the main theory on the cause of Zombieism.

MODULE THREE: preventing & curing Zombieism

The final module looks at methods to prevent, contain and cure Zombieism. As well as conventional treatments, more unconventional options, such as projectile weapons will be studied.