Time Tastical Time Tale

A action-packed science show about time and time travel.

Particularly suitable for family audiences and schools P3-P7.

Time Tastical Time Tale

An action packed children’s live science show crammed with electrifying experiments & time travel!


Images by Russell McGovern

Show Summary:

Time-Tastical Time Tale is a live science show for all ages that made its premiere at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe. The show follows our trio, Doctor Austin, a hyper active young inventor, his long suffering ‘partner in time’ Doug Safety and the cheeky dog, Professor Sparks, as they attempt to turn a port-a-toilet into a time machine. From Paradoxes to Parallel Universes, the show is packed with electrifying experiments, super cool science, audience interaction & a big dose of comedy.

Show Genre: Children’s Comedy Live Science

Target Audience: Families & Children (5-12)

Running Time: 60minutes

Technical Requirements:

Time-Tastical Time Tale requires a minimum stage area of TBC. On stage access is needed to two separate 13 AMP sockets. A total blackout is ideal but not essential. A lighting & sound operator is required alongside a simple lighting system & CD / MP3 player sound system. Headset microphones are not usually worn by our performers, however this may be needed is a larger venue and will incur an additional charge.

Reviews & Feedback:

“...a very lively, funny – and educational -- all-family show... splendidly interweave fast action with many humorous asides amid sci-fi sound, triumphantly proving science can be fun...” – The Stage

“...well designed, well delivered and a well spent hour...” – Primary Times

“...we saw four shows over 2 days of the festival and this was by far the best...our two boys are 8 and 6 years old and they loved it...it was pitched at just the right level that allowed our children to engage in it...but was also enjoyable to watch, as an adult...great entertainment with a good educational content too. Brilliant!” – The Graham Family

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