Page 1

Doctor Austin & Sparks are creating an amazing invention,

To send Sparks into space is their intention!

They’ve worked tirelessly day and night,

To build a ship that’s faster than light!

Page 2

Finally it’s the day for Spark’s to fly,

He disappears before Austin can even say Goodbye,

He reaches his first stop very soon,

A cold grey place we call the Moon

Page 3

After a bumpy landing our intrepid hound,

Meets an old man stuck in the ground!

Mr. Flag is a grumpy dude,

He moans and shouts and is very rude!

Left behind by astronauts in 1969,

He’s been by himself for an extremely long time!

Page 4

To cheer him up Sparks gives him a friend,

As romance blossoms Sparks must ascend!

Because far away Rover the Robot is out of luck,

On the surface of Mars he has become stuck

Page 5

Thankfully our hero Sparks is on the way,

Hurray up Professor Sparks we don’t have all day

With a crash and a bang Sparks arrives on the scene,

He was pretty dizzy and a little green

BEEP - BEEP free me Sparks I’m trapped in the sand,

I’ve been here all sol and could really use a hand!

Page 6

Quick as a flash Sparks pushed something slidey under his wheel,

An old and smelly banana peel!

Rover span his wheels as fast as could be,

And to his delight managed to break free!

BEEP thank you canine life form for rescuing me,

No problem buddy but it’s time for my tea!

Page 7

Sparks was headed home to eat ice cream,

When something massive appeared on his screen,

His spaceship began to tumble and roll,

He was being sucked into a giant black hole!

If I overload my engines then maybe perhaps,

The negative energy will make it collapse!

Page 8

With haste he flicked the switch,

The nasty black hole began to twitch

It squished and squashed and started to shrink,

And in a heartbeat departed leaving only a stink!

Page 9

Uh-oh the ship has taken more damage than planned,

I better get back to Earth and prepare to crash land!

Sparks plummeted to Earth amongst smoke and fumes,

Landing right in the middle of Doctor Austin’s bedroom!

Page 10

Austin dug his way out from under a heap,

Only to find Professor Sparks was fast asleep!

Well it looks like the mission was a total success,

I only wish it made less of a mess!