Genes of the Damned - syllabus


Zombie Science: Genes of the Damned

"You won't survive a zombie outbreak if you don't know your science",

explains Doctor Smith, "All the crossbows and machetes in the world

won't help you when your brain's turning to goop because you

underestimated the importance of washing your hands after having a wee."

Genes of the Damned is the fourth show in the Zombie Science spoof

lecture series, which has attracted audiences of over 36,000 at more

than 400 lectures across the UK and Ireland - including sell-out

performances at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival and Edinburgh

Fringe Festival.

Taking its cue from today's popular zombie "documentaries" and records

of historical epidemics, this lecture considers who's most likely to

become a zombie, contemplates the ethics of dealing with the infected

and concludes with how stem cells might be used to treat the survivors.

Presented by a Theoretical Zombiologist and featuring a multimedia

presentation with audience participation and multiple choice quiz, the

outcome of the show will be decided by the audience ... how will you

deal with the Damned?