Brain of the Dead - syllabus


Zombie Science: Brain of the Dead

This spoof lecture lifts the lid on the Zombie skull and peers into the

brain of the infamous movie monster. Presented by expert Zombiologist

Doctor Howe you will learn about the science of Zombies using interactive

demonstrations and a multi-media presentation.

Brain of the Dead is the third show in the Zombie Science spoof lecture

series, which has attracted audiences of over 36,000 at more than 400

lectures across the UK and Ireland - including sell-out performances at the

Glasgow International Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival - and

is supported by the Wellcome Trust and the University of Glasgow.

In the lecture you will discover which parts of the brain a Zombie disease

would have to attack in order to produce the symptoms of a typical Zombie.

Audience members will also be invited to bash the brain of a Zombie patient,

remove Zombie ticks from a patient's arm, and try out specialised goggles

that let you see in Zombie vision. This is the science you need to survive

the inevitable Zombie apocalypse.