West End Festival 2017

Join us for a day of science communication shows at the Kelvin Hall!

Sunday 18th June

Superhero Science: First Class

Recommended for ages 7+, 11-12pm and 1-2pm. Tickets available here.

Superhero Science: First Class is an award winning science communication which features demonstrations, a multimedia presentation and ‘choose your own adventure’ style audience participation while investigating the science of how superpowers might theoretically work.

Winner of the 'Herald Higher Education Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community' 2016.

Join Theoretical Zombiologist Doctor Howe as he puts you at the heart of a hypothetical Zombieism outbreak and teaches you what to do when the inevitable Zombie pandemic occurs. The tutorial features a multi-media presentation, practical demonstrations and audience participation, and at key points in the show, the audience is invited to vote on courses of action that will determine the outcome of the show.

Presented by expert Zombiologist Doctor Howe you will learn about the science of Zombies using interactive demonstrations and a multi-media presentation. Discover which parts of the brain a Zombie disease would have to attack in order to produce the symptoms of a typical Zombie. Audience members will also be invited to remove Zombie ticks from a patient's arm, and try out specialised goggles that let you see in Zombie vision.

Tickets: £3 adults, £2 kids, £2 students/concessions

Kelvin Hall - 1445 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AW

All shows are supported by the Wellcome Trust and University of Glasgow.