This Website Development Project Page

Aims (in progress)

  1. Record of what we have done.
  2. Make as much information as practical public.
  3. What we do.
  4. Events.
    • Events pages as a central location for all event information and links required by the public to attend an envent.
    • Information then repeated on other (e.g. ticket sites).
    • The page will remain after the event.
    • This is not a 'glossy' selling page but a mirror of information used.
  5. Contact information.


Move risk assessments to a common risk assessment area.

  • Link from show to the risk assessment.
  • Make a note that sometimes shows are changed at short notice and that sections of other risk assessments are applicable.
  • Possibly leave risk assessments of old shows as sub-pages of the old shows.
  • Add a press release page with blurb and images.
  • Make a FAQ page or/and link to the zomblog.

Add head images to the people pages.

Add information about disclosures etc. to Protection of Vulnerable People.

Use the spreadsheet for the events list.

Update the links page.

Show information pages. Should this include development or should development be put under projects? It does not need email and other contact information of this type so probably not.

Possibly make embed a form to the event feedback page.

On show pages, possibly link or dummy page with a link to the risk assessments.


  1. These are only guidelines.
  2. Pages to require minimal maintaining and updating.
  3. Volatile information contained within a page of its own.
  4. Volatile information within page content in pages at or close to the top level.
  5. Maps 250 by 250.
  6. Table of contents full width.
  7. Open links in new window.
  8. 'Layout': one page simple.
  9. Home page content centred.
  10. Page content left justified.
  11. Only use page contents and sub-pages gadgets.
  12. Do not use text wrapping around gadgets.
  13. Attachments:
  • No spaces in file names.
  • Underscores preferred to Carmel case.
  • Give a good name as soon as possible. Renaming will break links to attachments.
  • Put in the correct place as soon as possible. Moving will break links to attachments.