2009 Edinburgh Fringe: Time Tale

As part of their children’s show ‘Time-Tastical Time Tale’, an exciting new live science show that examines time & time-travel, they feature a diamond burning experiment. A small piece of diamond is super heated with a gas burner before being dropped into a glass beaker of liquid oxygen whereby it undergoes a chemical reaction (burning) combining with the oxygen and producing carbon dioxide gas!This proves that nothing lasts forever contrary to the popular expression. However they require a large supply of diamond pieces in order to supply the show. Doctor Austin said ‘We figure who better to ask than jilted lovers? There’s no better way to get back at your ex than burning their unwanted diamond in spectacular fashion and of course you’re helping science too!’Potential diamond donators can email doctoraustin@timetastical.com. You will then be invited to witness the burning during the show. They also have the option to video it for the whole world to see!Time-Tastical Time Tale is appearing at the Underbelly’s Hullabaloo venue from the 7th till the 31st of August (not 17th) at 14.50 Time-Tastical Time Tale is supported by the Scottish Government FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:Austin LowE: doctoraustin@timetastical.comT: 07766 807 886Douglas MacDonaldE: dougsafety@timetastical.com T: 0141 339 2484