Kevin O'Dell

Kevin O'Dell is Professor of Behavioural Genetics and Dean of Public Engagement at the University of Glasgow as well as an award-winning science communicator. His academic work focuses on genes and sex-specific behaviour in the fruit fly, using flies as a model of human mitochondrial disease, especially deafness. He regularly works with the Scottish Branch of the Royal Society of Biology, Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow Science Festival and Glasgow Café Scientifique. He also chairs the Public Engagement Strategy Group at the University of Glasgow.

In 2014 he received the prestigious Royal Society of Edinburgh Innovator in Public Engagement Prize for his outstanding contribution to public engagement through his skills in both genetics and communication. He is an editor of Biological Sciences Review, a magazine targeted at ‘A’ level students. His undergraduate book of genetics problems entitled 'Genetics? No Problem!', was published by Wileys in 2015. Kevin has been working with Time-Tastical Productions on their Zombie Science and Superhero Science shows since 2010.