Time-Tastical Productions is dedicated to explaining difficult science for the general public. Since our establishment in 2009, led by Dr. Douglas Macdonald we have developed, produced and toured shows and accompanying workshops. These have been seen by more than 50,000 people. Credits including the live family science show "Doctor Austin and Doug Safety's Time-Tastical Time Tale", for our younger audiences the puppet show "Doctor Austin & Sparks in Space" and for the adults a mock lecture Zombie Science series. A full list of our previous shows can be found here previous shows and our current shows. We have shows that are suitable for children, families or adults.

Some things that are somewhat unique that we do.

  • Explain entropy, time, time travel and worm holes to family audiences.
  • Broach the subject of serious diseases for a young carers audience.
  • Deal with real diseases to Horror and Comic festival audiences.
  • With our Zombie Science lectures, and Superhero Science lecture attracted non-traditional audiences to Science Festivals.
  • Covered prion, viral and genetic diseases at comedy festivals.

Script and Show development service

As well as presenting shows we can develop a show just for you. Science show scripts generally these consist of 3 key documents:

  1. Performance script in performance format
  2. Science show script in traditional science show script format
    • Science background
    • Science points
    • Demonstration outline
    • Demonstration explanation
    • Suggested words
    • Equipment list
  3. Risk assessment

In addition to the documents we can supply all supporting AV, kit and staging e.g.

  • Presentation slides
  • Video clips
  • Audio clips