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2016 "Zombie Science: Genes of the Damned", Saturday, 12 Mar 2016, British Science Week and Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Zombie Science: Genes of the Damned, Saturday, 12 Mar 2016

Genes of the Damned Logo.


Image: British Science week 2016 purple and blue logo.

Tickets £5 and £3 

General admission £5.50 (£5.00 face value, without transaction fee).
Concession £3.30 (£3.00 face value, without transaction fee).
To buy tickets on line go the the See Tickets site.

Show Synopsis

Zombie Science: Genes of the Damned is the latest in the spoof lecture series by the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies - the world's leading Zombieism research facility. Explore the real science behind a potential Zombieism outbreak. Learn lessons from past outbreaks, discover who is most likely to be affected and see how modern science could help the survivors.

The outcome of the show will be decided by the audience - how will you deal with The Damned?

Brought to you as part of British Science Week and supported the University of Glasgow.

'If you get the chance to see this lecture then I suggest you take it.' (***** West End Festival 2015)

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Glasgow Comedy Festival

This show is part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, Glasgow International Comedy Festival Website.

Location and Map

12 March 2016, Genes of the Damned, 232 Woodlands Rd

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