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2015 Xmas Lecture: "Blame Your Parents!"

Show Synopsis 

Nurture versus Nature / Genes versus Environment

What makes you different from your friends and family? Why do you look and behave as you do? Everything about you is a product of your genes, your environment or some combination of the two. But which bits of you, if any, are entirely genetic in origin? I any case all your genes and more of your environment is determined by your parents, so is it fair to blame them for the way you are?


Doors 18:30

You are all welcome for food and refreshments and food before (and after).


Show Start 19:00


Tickets free

Free show and no booking required.

Venue: Time-Tastical HQ

Time-Tastical HQ


Time-Tastical HQ


Douglas Macdonald,
23 Dec 2015, 04:01